The Social Set-Up

You have a full-time job and it’s not content creation. Let’s set-up your social media so you can reach your ideal audience and focus on the parts of your business that matter most.

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Strategy: Customized recommendations on what and how to post to achieve your goals.

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Set-up: Done for you top of feed content, story highlights, bio, and sales funnel automations.

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Support: Ready to go batch of content including short form video, static posts, and story ideas.

Let’s get your message out there with an easy to manage social media strategy that works

You’re an expert, speaker, writer, coach, or business leader doing a million different things to make an impact on your industry.

The world needs to learn from you but you’re too busy changing the world to build your personal brand and make content. We can help!

The Social Set-Up is a 6 week deep dive into your social media and sales strategy. At the end you’ll have professional social media profiles, set-up to help your clients with sales automations.

Did we mention a HUGE batch of content to grow your audience and start converting them?

How it works

Step 1: Audit (2 weeks)

A deep dive into what’s working and what’s not on your social media channels. After meeting with you to determine your sales strategy and learn about your products, we will map out an impactful strategy to reach your ideal client.

Step 2: Create (2 weeks)

We will get to work creating your top of feed content such as Instagram story highlights, featured posts on LinkedIn and more. We will also get started on a batch of organic content complete with captions, reels, posts, carousels, videos and design assets.

Step 3: Systematize (2 weeks)

We will set up automations and processees that help you effortlessly reach your customer and keep up with your inbox.

Bonus Step! Support

You’ll have access to our affordable monthly support program where we can keep you on track with support and feedback. Want to outsource? As a Social Set-up client, you’ll have access to our simple and affordable social media-management packages.

Ready to simplify your social media?

“Everything Johanna does is strategic. She's thoughtful with her content creation. I've seen exponential growth on social media due to Johanna's work! Whatever your goals are, she can get them done. I seriously don’t praise people like this unless they have chops and can deliver.”

Aubrey Bergauer, CEO of Changing the Narrative


Classical Content started with a mission to simplify social media for thought leaders. After harnessing the power of social media to increase sales and donations at non-profits, Founder Johanna Laney discovered an opportunity to help the thought leaders she learned so much from on podcasts and blog articles. Now she helps thought leaders and personal brands systematize their social media content so they can get their message out to more people in a scalable and sustainable way.




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